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peace ∞ love ∞ kindness

I wish you a free and clear mind, inner peace, mindfulness, empathy, health and love.
I am you and you are me.

I am brave – I am timid. I am happy – I am sad. I am confident – I am insecure. I am strong – I am weak. I am healthy – I am sick. I am in a good mood – I am in a bad mood. I am rich – I am poor. I am light – I am darkness. I see clearly – I see blurry. I am you – you are me.

My career

Kindergarden – been there. But I can hardly remember the time. My first memories apart from my mother, belong to ballet and my first ballet teacher, Ullrich Steiner. He left his mark and formed my life. I started children’s ballet, when I was about 3 years old and at the age of 5 talent-scouts brought me to Cologne ballet academy, where I received a scholarship. I studied classical ballet, point work, modern dance, folk dance and dancing theory.
Then I entered puberty…

School – yes, I graduated with Abitur (high school diploma).
Studies – yes, but I consequently avoided to graduate.
Children – yes, even two of them: and they are really well made!
Dog: - yes, I take care of one. She is the most greedy dog of the world, but also the most loveable animal I know.
Job - yes, even managerial responsibilites: existed.

But for now I don’t want to be a manager anymore and prefer to pass my time in a context where I can spread my wings and grow, where I can discover myself in a new way and learn to love myself.

My Yoga CV

Completed Yoga teacher trainings:

200 hours Vinyasa Yoga –
Lord Vishnus Couch GmbH, Cologne

300 hours of training –
Inside Yoga GmbH, Frankfurt

200 hours Yin Yoga –
Markus Henning Giess, Wiesbaden

50 hours Yin Yoga –
Stefanie Arend, Cologne

50 hours “Move From Love” –
Meghan Currie Yoga, Bali

30 hours “Your Dharma is greatness”–
The Practice Yoga, Bali

Currently ongoing: Svastha yogatherapy training:

300h training „Svastha Yogatherapy“ with Dr. Günter Niessen and Dr. Ganesh Mohan – consisting of 7 modules:

  • M1: Lumbar spinal column, pelvis and lower extremities
  • M2: Thoracic spine and spinal column, pectoral girdle, upper extremities and anatomy of breath
  • M3: Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, physiology and sequences of breath
  • M4: Intestinal, neurological and immunological diseases, yoga with elderly people, introduction to pranayama
  • M5: Depressive disorders and addiction, pranayama and meditation
  • M6: Stress and anxiety disorders, pranayama and meditation
  • M7: Svastha – Health from a wholistic perspective

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