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Manual for Live Online Classes
How to get Zoom

Step by Step

10 steps to live online yoga classes

  1. The registration for live online classes can be done via the Yoga schedule.
    (Please consider the deadlines for registration and de-registration, which can vary from class to class.)

  2. The live online courses run via Zoom, a videoconferencing app. Download Zoom and register via
    (Please install the app immediately in order to start your yoga session easily. It may occur that the app is installed correctly without special notification).

  3. The link to your selected live online Zoom classroom will be sent to your email address 15 minutes before class starts.
    (Please also check your spam folder.)

  4. A click on the link is followed by the request “may this site open ‚‘?”
    Please confirm with “allow” and “enter video”. Now the zoom-app opens with the live online class.

  5. Please select “join meeting” and confirm “join via computer audio”. Now you have joined our virtual yoga classroom!

  6. Activate full-screen mode in the upright corner in order to see a bigger video of me as your yoga teacher.

  7. If you want to talk to me, please activate your microphone when the class starts, with a click on the microphone-icon (down left in the zoom window) and make sure there is no red crossline over the mic symbol.

  8. Before class starts, I will mute all participants, so you can only hear me. After class, I will turn on your microphones again and be ready to answer your questions.

  9. On the right side of the microphone icon there is an arrow. Please click on it and activate two options with a tick: “microphone integrated (internal microphone)” and “output integrated (internal speakers)”.

  10. If you have any questions or problems during the live online class, please contact me via the zoom chat. It is located in the same menu bar as the microphone (only in the middle).

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