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Personal Yoga Training &
Shared Private Training

I offer exclusive yoga classes as personal yoga training or shared private training (for two persons). The place is your choice in the Cologne area. Prices are according to the mentioned yoga rates. If you are interested, please write me an e-mail via the contact form…

In a personal yoga training I am able to give you my full attention and show and explain you in your individual pace everything you want to know about the yoga postures (asanas). You are able to find your own yoga practice or embetter and deepen it by letting me explain you how to carry out correctly certain postures, how to settle into the asanas and how to carry out the transitions in a healthy and safe way. I pay especially attention to avoiding malpositioning in order to prevent future physical limitations. The alignments will be adopted individually to your anatomical preconditions, so you can carry out the main goal of the posture in a secure way.

The result is an individualised yoga workout, exclusively for you, which you can practice at home. It also brings you closer to your very own yoga practice, as you know: practice makes perfect!

From a historical point of view this is the most original of all kinds of Yoga classes and there is a 1-to-1-care (not in case of shared private training which is for 2 students).

Completely According to Your Interest

Personal Yoga Training 1

The programme “Personal Yoga Training 1” (PYT-1) is made for all who are interested in yoga no matter if you are newbie, returner or well-trained yogi or yogini. First, we will have a look at your status quo and work on the basic asanas (down-dog, warrior 1 + 2, chaturanga, cobra, etc.). You will learn to adapt the asanas on your own and optimally to your anatomy in order to master yoga classes with a healthy alignment.

PYT-1 – Training Goals:

  • Understanding for and knowledge of basic asanas
  • Alignment of asanas according to your individual anatomy in order to avoid misalignments
  • Classes are carried out with 1- to- 1 care
  • Exclusively: together we develop an individualized yoga workout for your personal yoga practice at home

Personal Yoga Training 2

The programme “Personal Yoga Training 2” (PYT-2) is made for advanced students. You get the possibility to deepen your yoga practice and increase you knowledge. I am happy to train with you asanas you haven’t practiced before and want to learn from scratch. Besides the right technique and how to carry it out, often “only” psychological barriers are hindering you in getting into a certain asana. We will tackle that with lots of trust and the necesssary calm and composure.

PYT-2 – Training Goals:

  • Understanding for and knowledge of single advanced asanas (like hand- or armbalance)
  • Learning of alignments in the asanas, individually adopted to your personal anatomy, in order to avoid misalignments
  • Working out the connections in Vinyasa Yoga, so your practice will be more safe
  • 1-to-1 care in class
  • Exclusively: we develop your individualized yoga-workout for your personal yoga practice at home

Personal Yoga Training 3

In the programme “Personal Yoga Training 3” (PYT-3) we discuss your personal requests and ideas. Afterwards you will receive an exclusive schedule to help you reach your goals. No matter if you seek to deepen your yoga practice, if you wish to expand your repertoire of asanas or if you would like to work on a therapeutic issue, we will find the fitting strategy.

PYT-3 – Training Goals:

  • A detailed review in order to define your needs exactly
  • Understanding and knowledge of basic and/or advanced asanas
  • Learning of personally fitting alignment of asanas in order to avoid misalignment and under consideration of eventually pre-existing damages
  • 1-to-1 care during class
  • Exclusively:
    • Additional Q&A sessions between our meetings
    • Development of an individual schedule in order to reach you personal goals
    • We develop a yoga workout adopted to your individual needs and for your personal yoga practice at home


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Please use for requests of individual yoga sessions or training for 2 persons the contact form.


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