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Yoga single class tickets

For occasional Yogis and Yoginis

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Yoga season class packs

For repeaters

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For hardcore Yogis and Yoginis

If you want to get an impression of my yoga teaching, you can book a single trial class. It’s a new student special – without any subscription – just drop in! To continue, I would recommend you the package of 3 classes. I do only recommend the drop in option in case you have no more time than twice a month.

Single trial class 10 €, 75 Min.
Drop-In 16 €, 75 Min.
3 trial pack 39 € (3x 13 €), 75 Min.

The trial package of 3 classes is only valid within a month and once per customer.

The package system is flexible and not bind­ing. It is valid for traditional yoga classes and live online courses. If you can join me 2 times a week on the mat regularly, I would recommend you a membership. The 10 class pack is the right choice if you are training 1 time a week and the 5 class pack in case you enter class within a period of 2 weeks.

5 pack 80 € (5x 16 €), 75 Min., 3 Mon.
10 pack 155 € (10x 15,50 €), 75 Min., 6 Mon.
20 pack 227 € (20x 11,35 €), 75 Min., 10 Mon.

The monthly period starts the day you buy your class pack and is not extendable.

A membership involves you more than the single ticket or the package systems. But for you, as a hardcore yogi or and yogini it has the advantage that you can take part in all classes: (digital) live online courses as well as (analog) traditional yoga classes.

Membership: PRICE FOLLOWS („Flatrate“)
Price per 1 month
circa 75 Min. per class
Valid for as many classes as you like (traditional + online)

Available in a short time: Membership starts the day you buy; for a period of 6 months.

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Personal Yoga Trainings

Personal Yoga Training – as individual as you are

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Shared Private Trainings

Shared Private Trainings – you and another person

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Svastha Yoga Therapy

The essence of traditional Yoga, Ayurveda and modern medicine

One-to-one training is the most original of all kinds of yoga classes. The arrangement of personal yoga training depends on your specific level and knowledge of yoga and on your desires for your future yoga practice.

PYT-1   90 €, 60 Min.
PYT-2 100 €, 60 Min.
PYT-3 120 €, 60 Min.

(In case of multiple bookings special condi­tions may be offered. For travelling a distance > 15 km I charge a fee of 0,30 € / km as well).

Learn more (German)...

You would like to practise yoga together with a friend? I am very happy to support you both! Just ask for a private training. The concept for you and your friend is individually adopted to your personal desires for your future yoga practice.

Shared Yoga Private Trainings 130 €, 60 Min.

(In case of multiple bookings, special conditions may be offered. For travelling a distance of more than 15 km I am charging a fee of 0,30 € per km additionally).

Learn more (German)...

Founding on the teachings of Krishna­macha­rya, by the priciples of Dr. Günter Niessen and Dr. Ganesh Mohan: the essence of traditional Yoga, Ayurveda and modern medicine. Together, we will develop a therapy concept in order to support your body the best way.

Svastha Yoga Therapy 130 €, 60 Min.

(In case of multiple bookings, special conditions may be offered. For travelling a distance of more than 15 km I am charging a fee of 0,30 € per km additionally).

Available soon!


Especially in “viral times” it became clear what benefits Yoga has for physical, mental and emotional health. That is why I would like to ensure that Yoga can be practiced by EVERYONE interested – even by people with little money. For Köln-Pass holders, retirees with a minimum pension, students or schoolchildren: please contact me, provide me with your corresponding proof and we will find a solution together!


Personal yoga trainings – or also for 2 people as “shared private trainings” – I offer you as a classic yoga class. At a location of your choice in the Cologne area. For travelling a distance of more than 15 km I am charging a fee of 0,30 € per km additionally.


All offered yoga classes are NO therapy recommendations or therapeutic substitutes at all. Those who practice yoga, do so on their own responsibility. Yoga classes are never a substitute for a professional medical treatment. In case of physical and / or psychological complaints, please always contact a competent doctor, whom you trust.

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